Affiliates International is an Australian pharmaceutical company that has been developing, researching and supplying natural bio-identical hormones to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and individuals since 1996. We do nothing else. We work to develop the best bio-identical hormone products to assist people who require hospital grade bio-identical hormones to treat their conditions.

Why buy from Affiliates International?

  • We do not try to improve on nature!
  • We supply natural bio-identical hormones and do not use synthetic hormones
  • We are the only company in the world to make bioidentical hormone products to internationally recognized pharmaceutical standards
  • We are NOT a compounding pharmacy

bioidentical-testosterone-creamTestoforte Plus Natural 10% Testosterone Cream for Men
US$197 for 120gms for 200 days supply

bioidentical-testosterone-creamTestofeme Plus Natural 1% Testosterone Cream for Women
US$187 for 120gms for 200 days supply